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Once upon a time...
S2C has been established in 2010 with the main objective of changing Fiat Group (now Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) company centric view to a customer centric perspective.
But our story begins a long time ago, in the 60’s: there is a family heritage behind the company, where knowledge has gone through generations.
S2C collects and gathers all the experiences from UNICAB and MKS, integrating and improving them, with the idea that today more than ever, in a very dynamic world, changing to improve is mandatory for all businesses.
Thanks to this unique background, S2C has over 50 years of experience of scientific and meticulous services to its clients.
We support companies to be loved by their customers and employees.
We are a mix of senior and experienced people with young and energetic ones.
Our strong value is individual respect, multicultural, open minded view and a healthy work life balance.
This mix enable us to keeping our values from the past and renovating it with new ideas, out of the box solutions and creative minds.
We are a group of people coming from over 20 different countries, working together who trust each other.
This is our favorite strength: we share and grow the knowledge. We are currently working in Europe as well as in Asia, Australia, North and South America.
S2C supports "Associazione Peter Pan Onlus"
We are happy to help. Ethic is part of our life both at work and in our private life.
Future is now. It is already in our present, let's make a treasure of it.
We are not afraid to change. Success and continuity in the future are not a matter of chance.
Future is structure, planning and studying, being curious, travelling, working as a team and being able to change quickly. And a lot more.

We support our clients in doing this while doing it internally as well.
We change with you, we test new ideas with scientific tools helping our clients to have strategies for the always changing market, before it is changing, preventing damages and finding solutions to keep up on the always more complicated and fast market.