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Italian style, International know how.
We believe in delivering more contents, and less chatter. Our philosophy is working with small steps, but fast implementation.
Working for clients around the globe - in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and Africa - helped us to get a better overview of different markets, cultures, perspectives and needs.

The fact that we cover all European languages and have mother tongue staff working abroad and available for any language, make our life easier to communicate with customers.
And it's not only a matter of speaking the same language but also of speaking the same "mindset".
Our team is the heart of S2C.
Our team is expert in Omnichannel Interaction Center Services, Analytics, High Strategy Consulting & Process Design Monitoring.

We support companies and institutions to stay closer to their customers and employees with the object of improving their organizations.

Our background comes from over 50 years of experience in quality, scientific and analytic services, TAILORED to specific business clients.
Our work flow: from data to actions.
- We implement quick pilot projects
- The pilot will give you "hands-on" right away to test the system
- If you like it, we implement the system consistently and answer to specific requirements

Over these years, we have used and developed new methodologies of work, starting from Kaizen and World Class Manifacturing, a heritage from the automotive Industry.

The approach is Lean Thinking, which includes Agile and Scrum, to quickly achieve the best results.
Our last key-step on every project: we discuss about results to improve, to make continuous changes, adjustments and achieve the best possible results.