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Excellgo Platform. Flexible. Modular. Easy to integrate.

From test to actions: our trademark is to experiment and then share the best solutions with our clients. We offer 100% compatible solutions with external tools, to reduce cost, time to market and learning curve. Excellgo platform is set up on our private Internal Cloud to ensure complete data safeness. We have invested in our Data Center with new and high performance technology.
Data Collection
Among all tools available we have decided to use ASKIA Software, the best platform currently available for multichannel surveys.
Analysis, reporting, insight
We have a strong partnership with SAS Institute, the most advanced software for analytics, reporting and data visualization. Strong collaboration with Oracle for database management, scalable data lake repository and implementation of blockchain technology.
We developed specific tools to be easily integrated
and connected to your systems (such as the Dynamic Action Plan Shelf), to change data into actions.