SmartCX for GDO

(large-scale distribution)

Oracle, S2C, Quinaryo and Iety have teamed up, to combine the best of technology and customer experience analysis.

Real Time Data Resources

thanks to in-store sensor, wearable, IoT
and  personalized apps

When the pace of business requires secure collaboration with multiple parties, you need a solution to bring everyone together — in real time — to share data.

Blockchain provides a collaborative framework for sharing reliable data.

Oracle offers easy ways to adopt blockchain technology including a cloud service, an on-premises edition, and a SaaS application for supply chain.

S2C has integrated its experience in Customer’s solutions together with the Oracle technologies inblockchain Database, analytics and AI.

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Solutions for front-office and back-office 

Recently we have had the opportunity to cooperate on the latest Oracle Blockchain Table, a feature in the Oracle Database 20c we have been using in a PoC with another Oracle Partner, Quinaryo.

Together we have developed a solution enabling companies to securely keep track in the blockchain of the social distancing parameters. A solution designed for both, front office in Retail market and back-offices production.

Oracle Blockchain Tables

Blockchain table is new specialized table type that provides a highly tamper-resistant persistence option right in Oracle Database.  It permits insert-only operations, with no updates and other modifications allowed, and restricts deletions.  To further increase tamper-resistance, the rows are chained by storing previous row’s hash in the current row, which enables users to verify any modifications.  Users can also optionally sign the contents of the rows with PKI-based signatures leveraging X.509 certs, and signature and data integrity can be verified, thus ensuring non-repudiation.

With blockchain tables users get application-transparent protection from fraud by other users.  And by signing and verifying data, they can detect provider fraud (trust but verify).

While emerging decentralized applications benefit from Oracle Blockchain Platform’s de-centralized trust model, most applications today have a central authority (bank, escrow company, trading exchange, government office, etc.) and with blockchain tables in Oracle Database we can make these applications more secure without the added complexity of changing to a de-centralized model. 

Oracle Blockchain Tables + S2C Smart CS2 Real-Time Feedback = The Power to Change The World

Receive a constant stream of feedback and customers’ emotions, while protecting privacy, data integrity, guaranteed data coherence thanks to  a decentralized ledger and correct interpretation of data thanks to ML and Deep Learning.

Real Time Data Sources

Offline Data Sources

Online Data Sources


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